NEO is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies of a new format. The coin has high volatility and is well suited for trading. At the same, time, it is stable and regularly attracts new investors, which contributes to the growth of capitalization.

Interesting facts

The NEO prototype appeared in 2014, but the developers had no money for advertising, so until 2017 almost no one knew about the project. The peculiarity of the asset is that it offers cryptocurrency for digital trading of any objects of the material world.

Imagine that you want to buy a villa in Spain, but this requires a personal presence, negotiations with a notary, dozens of documents. The process is troublesome, but with the help of the NEO protocol, a deal can be made in two clicks.

Not surprisingly, the coin showed the most rapid growth compared to other altcoins – 153,000%. In 2014, the price of a coin was $ 0.13, and in December 2017 – $ 198.

NEO is the only cryptocurrency recognized in China. The government of the country introduces the developments of the system in state institutions and highly appreciates developers.

The NEO system supports the token of the same name, which is used for trading and exchanging for fiat and the NEO GAS, which is the internal currency required for servicing the blockchain.

The NEO platform uses unique technological solutions. NeoFS protocol allows creating tables with hash data in which additional information is stored. This solves the issue of scalability since the blocks initially do not contain redundant entries.

Mining NEO is not possible, all 100 million coins are issued at once. This means that with an increase in demand for an asset, its price increases exponentially.

For developers, NEO is convenient because it allows you to write smart contracts in C Sharp and Java languages. This makes the platform more accessible than Ether, which uses outdated programming languages.

NEO has direct cooperation contracts with Microsoft and Alibaba. One-time cooperation was originally planned, but the ideas of the project turned out to be relevant for corporations that invested decent capital in the development of the coin.

What influences the price

The coin price depends on the economic results of the largest partners of NEO, the political situation in China, the well-coordinated work of the team and hundreds of other things. But for a trader, these criteria are of little interest, since they define the overall picture and do not affect the current quotes.

NEO volatility is directly related to the overall situation on the crypto market. The Bitcoin sets the tempo and the remaining tokens adapt to it. In the case of NEO, exchange rate fluctuations can reach tens of thousands of times, and the average profit from the order – 700-1200%.

The second important factor is the public interest. The coin has already embarked on the path of integration with international trading platforms, which means that millions of users were able to use the currency to purchase everyday household goods.

Low commission and high transaction processing rates are guaranteed to be in demand, which will lead to a long-term increase in the price of NEO.

NEO is a coin with a long history, but 80% of investors found out about it only in 2017, so there is a certain level of mistrust in financial circles. Any negativity is critically perceived by the public and leads to an outflow of capital.

After the explosion of the Bitcoin bubble, NEO dropped in price 10 times from $200 to $20 and the price of the asset continued to decline. This indicates that the coin does not tolerate crisis situations of the market and is not perceived as a hedging instrument.

But even taking into account these factors, NEO is in the top 10 cryptocurrencies with the highest capitalization and daily turnover. This means that traders can use the asset for speculation.

Since the coin is unstable and sensitively reacts to any changes in the situation, anyone can get a good margin from trading. For a daily basis, fluctuations of 200-300 points are quite acceptable. On the weekly charts, even bigger changes are possible.

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